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The power output capability of a given gas turbine plant is largely limited by the mass flow of air that can be delivered at a particular ambient temperature to the combustion and turbine sections.  This is a function of the ambient temperature and humidity of the air. MORE read more
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Gas Turbine Experience

The Powerphase™ team is comprised of people with significant real-world experience in the design, manufacture, servicing and modernization of gas turbines and jet engines.  We understand not only the prime mover but all the other systems and components that comprise a GT-based power plant and their interrelationships. MORE read more


In a simple cycle application the Turbophase™ system consists of an air compressor driven by either a reciprocating engine, a steam turbine, or a small gas turbine and a heat recovery system which is used to capture the prime mover exhaust heat and add it to the compressor discharge enabling the system to match the gas turbine's compressor discharge temperature. MORE read more
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