Powerphase signs MoU in Indonesia for 2GW additional Gas Turbine Power
April 26, 2017 - Powerphase and PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), the state power company of Indonesia, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) this past Friday. The MoU was signed by PLN and Powerphase in conjunction with USA Vice President Pence’s visit to Indonesia. With this agreement, both parties agree to cooperate on a phased implementation plan of Turbophase® Dry Air Injection, beginning with a feasibility study and including two 50 MW projects (approx 18 modules), followed by a full implementation of 2 GW of additional power (approx 350 modules).
Powerphase is very proud that to have been selected to participate a signing ceremony in conjunction with the US Government and Indonesian governments and many other notable US companies like Lockheed Martin, Exxon Mobil, Applied Materials, GE, Halliburton, Honeywell and others. Click here for a link to the full press release and posting on whitehouse.gov
Powerphase Founder Bob Kraft Interviewed by Casey Haley at POWER-GEN International
ORLANDO, Fla., Dec. 15, 2016 - Powerphase founder Bob Kraft was interviewed by Pennwell's Casey Haley at POWER-GEN International in Orlando, FL about Powerphase products including a new development for 2017 that will dramatically improve both gas turbine and combined cycle efficiency at base-load and part-load conditions. During the interview Mr. Kraft discusses the foundations of the Turbophase dry air injection system and the tremendous interest that has been generated at the POWER-GEN trade shows since 2012. Mr. Kraft also covers the basic functionality of the Turbophase System as well as the fuel efficiency gains that can be achieved with the system. Those fuel efficiency gains are where Powerphase is putting its R&D budget and the Company hopes to announce a product offering 3-4% combined cycle efficiency improvement in 2017. "3-4% efficiency improvment is transformational," said Kraft. Kraft continued, "We're going to take the workhorse F-Class gas turbines in combined cycle and let them perform like H-Class." Watch the full Interview here.  
Powerphase Issued Japanese Patent for Turbophase Dry Air Injection System
JUPITER, Fla., Nov. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Powerphase, a Company that offers incremental power and efficiency for combustion turbines, has been issued a new patent from the Japanese Patent Office, Japanese Patent No. 6039056, for the Company's Turbophase Dry Air Injection System for Combustion Turbines. Powerphase Founder & CEO remarked, "Efficiency is very important to the Japanese market. We want the world to know that not only does our Company offer increased power output, but we also offer increases in combined cycle efficiency by 1-2% on newly built combustion turbine power plants. We consider the Japanese market one of the most important in the world and are making strides with customers throughout Japan." In 2017, Powerphase expects to extend the 1-2% efficiency gains to 3-4% on both new and existing combined cycle combustion turbine power plants, including 3-4% efficiency gains on the entire existing combined cycle F-class fleet.
Powerphase Issued Patent for Transformational Gas Turbine Upgrade
JUPITER, Fla., Sept. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Powerphase, a developer of upgrades for gas turbines, has been issued a new patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), US Patent No. 9,388,737 for a new type of technology that improves the output, fuel efficiency and responsiveness of gas turbines, including those used in electric power generation, gas processing plants and industrial processes. The gas turbine upgrade technology, dubbed “Turbophase,” solves a fundamental problem faced by all gas turbines: that gas turbines lose output at high ambient temperatures or elevations. Turbophase uses a fuel driven engine and its waste heat, along with a highly efficient compressor in a cogeneration process to generate hot, compressed air approximately 35% more efficiently that the gas turbine itself. The highly efficient air is then injected into the gas turbine, allowing it to produce its optimum output in all ambient conditions. Read more at Power Magazine.
Turbophase Featured in Africa Review Magazine
Jupiter, FL (August 6, 2016) - The Turbophase Dry Air Injection System (US Patent No. 9,388,737) will be featured in the August issue of Africa Review Magazine. The article references 1,200MW additional power that could be added to existing power plants in Nigeria with Turbophase Dry Air Injection Systems. The article also discussed the Company's 7FA installation which demonstrated 31.5 MW additional capacity and 5% improved heat rate. Africa-Review-2016  
5% Gas Turbine Fuel Efficiency Improvement in the Middle East
POWERPHASE is excited to announce its upgrade of a 7FA gas turbine allowing for a five per cent improvement in fuel efficiency and 31.5MW increase in power. The system has demonstrated 99.3 per cent availability in ambient conditions up to 55°C at both base-load and part-load conditions. Powerphase President and CEO Bob Kraft said, “Our analysis indicates a substantial power increase and fuel savings for nations in the region if they implement our upgrades across their gas turbine fleet. The Turbophase system can be integrated into a new or existing gas turbine plant at a much lower cost than building new plants and improving the fuel efficiency by more than five per cent. If implemented across the gas turbine fleet in the region, the Turbophase system would add more than 5GW of power and would save more than 18mn boe per year. It’s a generational leap in new gas turbine technology, representing billions in potential savings for the region.” The Turbophase dry air injection system is modular and additive. This allows a gas turbine OEM, like GE, Siemens or Mitsubishi, to meet a specific power target, either alone, or as an addition to any combination of OEM upgrade or inlet conditioning. The same Turbophase system installed in the Middle East is expected to be able to operate everywhere else as well, promising similar output and fuel efficiency benefits, including GE 7EA & GE 7FA gas turbines. Here is a copy of the full article, covering the gas turbine upgrade in the Middle East.  
Optimizing China Gas Turbines: Power Engineering International
Shanghai, China (May 6, 2015) - The Turbophase Flex Package was recently featured in Power Engineering International in an article entitled "Unlocking China's Gas Potential". The article discusses how China is adding renewable energy to its power grid at an increasing pace. Like California, as renewables are added, fast responding resources are required to balance unexpected shortfalls in production. The Turbophase Flex package provides the maximum operating range to a gas turbine power plant, leveraging existing plant assets. Powerphase VP, Steve Quisenberry, has been selected to speak at the NexTurbine Conference in Shanghai, China, May 22, 2015. Steve is working to establish strategic partnerships in the region to help China unlock the full potential of the China gas turbines fleet to provide cleaner, more reliable power generation as China adds renewables to its grid.
Patent Issued for Powerphase LLC’s Grid Dispatchable Energy Storage System that Delivers 15 times More Output than Existing Technologies
Jupiter, FL - Powerphase LLC has been issued patent number 8,863,519 by the United States Patent and Trademark office for "High Output Module CAES." The technology promises to help existing combustion turbine power plants become green energy storage depots. Named "FastLight," the system miniaturizes the air storage component and then uses the combustion turbine to achieve 15 times more output for the same capital cost when compared to traditional CAES plants. The FastLight system is designed to work with combined cycle power plants, which are increasingly being used to balance renewable energy. By adding energy storage to combined cycle power plants, FastLight is able to store wind and solar power that would otherwise be wasted and deploy that power when it is needed the most. FastLight systems are designed to charge and discharge twice per day, generating 15-20 MW per module for 4 hours. If deployed on several combined cycle power plants in California, FastLight can deliver enough grid scale power to meet the California grid energy storage mandate. "The FastLight system is the world's first air efficient CAES system. It reduces energy storage costs to a level not possible for batteries this decade," said Bob Kraft, the inventor of the FastLight system. Kraft continued, "If we hope to add more renewable energy to the grid, cost effective, grid-scale energy storage is needed to ensure a reliable power supply. FastLight is ready for commercial installation now, at a price that makes sense for both power generators and ratepayers." FastLight systems have a 30 year useful life, further lowering life cycle costs compared to batteries that need to be disposed and replaced every 7-10 years. For more information on this technology visit www.powerphasellc.com or call 1-772-341-7566. ### Contact: Jim Kraft Phone: 772-341-7566 jkraft@powerphasellc.com powerphasellc.com
Power Magazine: Quickly Boost Your Combustion Turbine Response
Jupiter, FL (October 1, 2014) – The Turbophase installation at Morris Cogeneration was featured in Power Magazine's October 2014 issue. The title was was: “Quickly Boost Your Combustion Turbine Response." Here is an excerpt from the article: "What do the OEMs think about an owner adding compressed air into the engine casing for peaking power or fast regulation purposes? General Electric’s GER-3567H states, 'GE [heavy duty] gas turbines are designed to allow up to 5% of the compressor airflow for steam injection to the combustor and compressor discharge.' If superheated steam injection is acceptable to GE, as it has been for over 30 years, then one would expect that compressed air in like mass flow will also be acceptable. Also, it seems to me that injecting clean compressed air upstream of the combustor is certainly preferable to wet compression resulting from the use of evaporative coolers." To read the full article, click here.
Turbophase Installation Featured in Combined Cycle Journal
Jupiter, FL (September 4, 2014) - The Turbophase installation at Morris Cogeneration was featured in Combined Cycle Journal's CCJ-Onsite publication. The subject was: "First GT turbocharger meets expectations, Frame 6 lessons learned apply to most GTs." The article continued, "Well-timed megawatts offer potential value to Morris Cogen. Soon, you may be adding a new option for extracting megawatts from your gas turbine/generator or combined cycle—a separate engine-driven compressor module that takes high-temperature turbine exhaust and feeds it back into the GT’s compressor discharge. Called TurboPhase, it’s a deceptively simple technique developed by PowerPhase LLC, Jupiter, Fla. If the initial installation at Morris Cogeneration LLC lives up to its promise (Fig 1), it could challenge traditional capacity enhancement options, like inlet air chillers, foggers, water or steam injection, and duct-burner firing. Such options are receiving greater attention these days because grid operators are rewarding generators for the flexibility and quick-response capabilities necessary to meet their ancillary-services obligations." Click here for the full article.  

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