Optimizing the World’s Gas Turbine Fleet.

Our Vision:  Deliver high value products to our global customers that Optimize their gas turbine fleet. An increasingly larger part of the power generating fleet is composed of simple cycle and combined cycle gas turbines.  Due to the rapid increase in non-conventional gas resources in North America and elsewhere, these machines will provide a bigger share of both energy and capacity in the years to come. However, these resources are not fully optimized.  Before PowerphaseTM, the technologies available to increase installed capacity—particularly for hot days—were relatively limited in the amount of additional MW that could be delivered or came with a significant maintenance penalty, took up significant space,  or use significant amounts of water. By re-inventing gas turbine smarter peaking power technology, Powerphase™ has demonstrated that significant gas turbine smarter peaking power capability (10-20% of simple and combined cycle plant rating) can be retrofitted to any large industrial or aero-derivative gas turbine while improving efficiency at significantly less than the cost per kW of anything else available in its class. In addition, by taking advantage of some of the same technological innovations, 4 to 8 hours of low cost energy storage capability can also be installed in tandem with the capacity addition.

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